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Get relief from your symptoms and permanently heal your deepest wounds with the assistance of

Pagone Psychological Services, PLLC.

Offering in-person psychotherapy services located in Marengo IL or through

virtual telehealth services from the privacy of your own home.

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you." - Maya Angelou

Welcome to

Pagone Psychological Services, PLLC

So many people suffer in silence. I am dedicated to providing you with quality therapeutic services in a gentle, respectful and nonjudgmental manner. Become a student of yourself while getting the guidance and support you need and deserve. I am invested in you on your therapeutic journey to wellness, connection and life satisfaction.

Clinical Psychotherapy

I am a certified Internal Family Systems (IFS) and Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) clinical psychotherapist. I specialize in working with women with trauma, dissociation, physical symptoms stemming from psychological pain, infertility, and cancer diagnoses. IFS informed EMDR helps you to connect with yourself with compassion to generate healing within you and within your relationships with others.

Services for Professionals

Clinical Consulting, Workshops and Groups available to assist you in your Personal and Professional Growth and Learning

Equine-Engaged Psychotherapy

Equine-engaged psychotherapy is a powerful and transformative experience that everyone can benefit from. This experiential therapy assists individuals to process their deep inner experiences while strengthening their relationship skills as they partner with a horse(s).

Client Testimonials

“With just a few sessions of EMDR, I’ve been able to process memories that have been keeping me from living in the present moment for decades. As these memories are processed, my symptoms are naturally starting to disappear. My depression and anxiety are becoming more manageable, and I finally feel that I am in control of my life.”

“Parts work is helping me to safely identify and explore all the versions of myself that hold the sources of my negative thoughts and pain. I’m learning that in order to resolve the conflict within myself, I need to understand why these parts of me are upset and what they need to heal. With this deeper level of self-awareness, connection, and synergy, I am gaining the stability I need to safely address my underlying trauma.”

"Prior to equine therapy, I had no previous exposure to horses. I was amazed to learn that horses hold a gift of reading your energy and mirroring what you are feeling. Horses helped reveal my internal imbalances, emotions, and past experiences; all this information was stored in my system yet was hidden from my view. By connecting with the horses, I was learning to connect with myself. Together we worked to regulate my system imbalances, practiced setting boundaries, and brought me to a more peaceful state of mind."

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy
at Whispering White Horse Stables

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